KAWS is a busy man. Exhibitions, prints, sculptures, apps, vinyl figures and collaborations seem to be released in unison and across teh world almost weekly. His newest project sees his first major showing in London, with NEW FICTION being presented at Serpentine in Hyde Park in conjunction with Acute Art and the video game Fortnight. The show is both a physical presentation and digital experience, something KAWS has been working on since the onset of the pandemic. 

"In addition to the Fortnite collaboration, Serpentine and KAWS will use an app developed by Acute Art to offer a bridge between the virtual and the physical worlds. All the paintings and sculptures in the exhibition as well as a miniature version of the entire show will exist as AR works on the Acute Art app and can be placed and viewed at home by viewers globally. They can also be shared on social media, making KAWS’ art visible across the world."