Mirus Gallery San Francisco is excited for the return of world renowned artist, Sickboy, with his latest solo exhibition Dreamworlds POV. Sickboy has created a new body of work that explores how digital processes can be used within an analog practice that takes painting to a new paradigm. This will be the second solo exhibition with Mirus Gallery, following up his 2018 show Decompositions. The exhibition has been rescheduled for October 15th, with a VIP Preview 6-7pm and Opening Reception 7-10pm, Free to the public. It will remain on display through November 12, 2021.

Over the past few years, as technology progresses exponentially, Sickboy has been more inquisitive about the realms of digitization within art. Whether it be augmented reality, three dimensional sculpting, or virtual worlds, Sickboy distorts the viscerality of our subject. This exhibition explores the modern symbiotic unification of humans and technology. When an image is rendered in 3-D we now have new and exciting points of view that can actually change. This new digital medium allows you to explore different aspects of the same image via zoom, crop, tilt and rotate. While this is groundbreaking, he questions how to aggressively capture that in an analog format. Sickboy states “If I close my eyes, I can move myself through a snapshot of reality, freeze frame it, and apply it to a canvas. When using computer software in my process, I can get the same impact but the journey is different.” Sickboy’s goal is to unify these tools and allow the viewer to enter a Dreamworld from any point of view. It is in these new tools that a new process has been created and the outcome mirrors today's landscape and highlights how our minds toggle back and forth from a digital world to this world effortlessly.