As we get prepared to visit the Nuart Aberdeen in Scotland in early June, we are looking at the roster of artists for the 2024 edition of the festival in our A Portfolio department. First up on our list of artists is Mahn Kloix from France, a muralist with incredible site-specific skills who works like both a painter and journalist on his adventures. 

From Nuart: Mahn Kloix grew up in a family of activists, motivated by the major combats of the social Left. Despite the card-carrying activism hovering over his head, the young man himself would choose a path where there was no party, but just as much commitment: artistic creation. In 2003 he entered Gobelins, l’école de l’image, and also studied in Besançon, where he came under the influence of Bauhaus and then the Swiss School. As Mahn Kloix, he then travelled, drew, and started to show his work in public. Based in Marseille since 2010, he makes the old historic city centre his departure point for exploring the “political and militant” Mediterranean basin.