One of the great artists we got to see work of in Valencia this past week was that of conceptual artist, LUCE, and today he is our A Portfolio. He is like a modern day flaneur, exploring the city, creating scenes and reinterpreting space and creating what is not just street art but something literally of the experience of existing in public space. We captured some imagery from his show in 2022 at Galeria Alegria and works at PROJECTESD. LUCE's work is in the collection of the IVAM in Valencia, as well. 

LUCE’s “modus operandi” (Valencia, 1989) is the constant walking around the city. This is his space for exploration, learning and creation. The city and its periphery is the place of his origins in the field of graffiti. And rooted in this practice is his interest in writing, which extends throughout his work. Words, sentences that appear recurrently in subtle interventions in public spaces, as a repeated trace of his quiet passage, but also as the result of his understanding of the environment that he explores, that he gets to know and that he reflects on. An unhurried and attentive wandering, that never ends and that moves from the path traveled to his studio-office. The city as an incentive and a space for action and compilation with drawing as a response, that other place where ideas and experiences are distilled.