We are just so thrilled to share today the amazing ceramic works of LA-based artist Meegan Barnes for today's A Portfolio. We saw her show Sunset Noir at One Trick Pony last year and have been meaning to put together a selection of her glazed ceramic painting sculptures to share on the site. 

Meegan is a Los Angeles based painter and ceramic artist. She’s constantly inspired by her fellow Angelenos and the vibrancy of the city itself – from downtown LA where her studio is, to an art opening in Hollywood to a late night taco truck. There is an anthropological aspect to her work in that she documents poignant moments which are quintessentially LA, yet thru her own personal lens by infusing unique color and style. Her work reveals a passion and compassion for her subjects as well as the public or personal space we find them in.

Meegan graduated with a BFA from CCA, Oakland and SF, California. She started her career in New York City as an illustrator for Vibe and Paper Magazines. Later, she was Co-founder and Creative Director of a lifestyle brand called Femme Arsenal which was all about celebrating diversity and empowering young women.

She had a long career in the fashion, music and beauty industries before creating the signature ceramic booty vases (see www.B-sides.shop) for which she became well known. She began to focus on ceramic art and painting around 2015 and since then her work has been exhibited at One Trick Pony Gallery, Phillips Gallery LA, Felix Art Fair (Los Angeles), Good Mother Gallery (Los Angeles) La Loma Projects (Los Angeles), The Lodge (Los Angeles), Anat Ebgi Gallery (Los Angeles), Kantor Gallery (Los Angeles) and Untitled Space (New York City) and more.