This past weekend, Paradigm opened their brand new space in Philadelphia in Old City, and kicked it off with two solo shows, one being Welcome Home by Jason Andrew Turner. We got some opening night photos and a few installation shots of Turner's showcase! 

Turner often begins with a sketch in sumi ink, redrawing and repeating the lines of the brushstrokes in countless iterations. In each phase, the artist attempts to make sense of a messy, maximalist, overwhelming reality; mental health and the nature of perception are key themes in Turner’s work. Intuitive color relationships and intentional spontaneity permeate the new body of work in a visual representation of organized chaos.

Interior vignettes within the gallery’s expansive second floor will set a rhythmic flow throughout the exhibition, punctuated by bold and intimate painted portraits. Whereas Turner explores the ethereal aspects of the world through abstraction and pattern, he examines the politics of humanity through portraiture. The subjects of the paintings are invented from the artist’s imagination, his emotions projected onto the blank canvasses of their features. Across the upstairs gallery space, Turner paints a sensory landscape of the psyche that pulses with existential weight.

Welcome Home highlights Turner’s collaborations with Philadelphia artists and designers, as well as Paradigm’s commitment to nurturing and showcasing innovative crossovers between creative disciplines. Stained glass works made by Flannery Cronin from Friend of All and felted textile works made by Krysta Knaster of Camphill Soltane bring Turner’s hard-edge style to their respective mediums. The collaborative works compound upon the visual density of the exhibition and complement Turner’s work while introducing new textural and technical elements.