Central to Magdelena Wosinska's photography is the celebration of spontaneity. Viewers find themselves immediately immersed in Wosinska’s world, where authenticity reigns supreme and every moment is overflowing with a hint of rebelliousness. 

Through intimate portraits she explores the complexities of selfhood, highlighting the interplay between inner emotions and outward appearances. Her subjects are portrayed genuinely, without artifice or pretense, inviting viewers to reflect on their own sense of identity. Whether it’s skateboarding down city streets or basking in the golden hues of nature, each frame exudes a sense of liberation and outlaw attitude. The sensual and sun-drenched photographs of women roaming nude in nature are quintessentially Magdalena, as are her portraits of the South-Central Cowboys and vignettes of motorcycles in the desert.

At a young age, Magdalena Wosinska immigrated to the United States with her parents in 1991 from communist Poland. She found solace and belonging in the skateboarding subculture during the 90s, which became her passion and inspiration. At 14 years old, she began photographing with a dream of shooting the cover of a skate magazine (Thrasher). In time she found success in fine art, editorial, and commercial photography. Now, 25 years later, she’s revisiting her roots with her most recent monograph Fulfill the Dream, which will showcase her early images of skateboarding icons and highlight her artistic journey. Her book serves as a time capsule of the skateboarding scene and her evolution as an artist, capturing intimate moments from a unique perspective as one of the few women deeply embedded in the culture.

Magdalena Wosinska's debut solo exhibition, Fulfill the Dream, held in conjunction with the release of her newest monograph of the same name, is on view at Fahey/Klein Gallery.