Hernan Bas has always speculated on the supernatural, where does it exist in both our reality and our imagination. When I spoke to Hernan a few years ago, we talked about his reading habits, and he told me, "But not just fiction; mythology and the tie-in to the paranormal. I've always sort of thought of the work as being... at the end of the day, when I'm off the planet, it will be like an encyclopedia of the strange course of my life." It made sense, then, in his newest show, The First and The Last, on view at Perrotin in Paris, Hernan was taking his characters to the end of the world and the beginning of another. It is like a conversation on absurdity, is it better to be first or the last at something, and where does that make a difference, and what do we look like when we arrive or depart from this feeling? These characters hold an ambiguity, and it's haunting. —Evan Pricco