111 Minna Gallery is set to open a new group exhibition that brings together eight Bay Area female artists to explore the concept of "guilty pleasures" from a feminine perspective. This exhibition will present artwork in a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, ceramic, glass, textile and performance. 111 Minna Gallery often serves as an arena for unbridled artistic exploration of concepts often considered outside of the status quo.

Curated by two Bay Area artists and muralists, Emily Fromm and Amanda Lynn join forces for their first dual curation exhibition experience. This project will display Amanda Lynn's aesthetic of feminine beauty in the natural world side by side with Fromm's kitschy, graphic depictions of iconic urban locales. They have invited the participation of six other femme artists working in a vast range of styles and mediums to help bring the concept to life.

This exhibition will include an interactive live performance created and choreographed by Amanda Lynn on 111 Minna’s Zappa Gallery stage. Amanda Lynn has always been drawn to the experience of art. Painting large scale public works has given her the opportunity to provide audiences with the experience of being a part of a 2 dimensional artwork simply by the act of viewing, photographing and interacting with her and others to converse on the experience. With this upcoming installation for the Guilty Pleasures exhibition, she will collaborate with a variety of artists and mediums to make an art experience that is more 3 dimensional and engaging. Her intent is to have the artwork literally come to life by using projected animation teamed with pole dance and music. Painting the stage and dancers with light, color and sound; this experience will reflect her newest series ‘Painted Ladies’ of which is being showcased in ‘Guilty Pleasures.'

Guilty Pleasures features:: Emily Fromm, Amanda Lynn, Sabrine Haroun, Nicole Hayden, Sadie Greyduck, Mollie Johnson, Messy Beck and Michelle Nguyen.