If there was ever an artist that could sum up these times, both with humor and piercing social commentary, it is UK-based, David Shrigley. He has always had this keen sense of catching humanity's mood, no matter pandemic or not. But let's be honest: his "lockdown drawings" have been incredibly on-point, both funny and at times almost desperately sad. You don't know whether they are funny "haha" or maybe worth crying a few tears from our lack of emotions during trying times. He's that good. 

Anton Kern Gallery has taken a collection of Shrigley's newest black & white drawings for an online viewing called Lockdown Drawings. The range of comedy and satire here in this collection, from animals with attitude to the absurdity of our collective behaviors. These simple works, constructed only in ink on paper, are a reminder that comedy does have a place in contemporary art, and that Shrigley is leading the way of creating social commentary while remaining completely free of the constraints of being a political artist. —Evan Pricco