"The reality is, when I'm talking about invention, I think discovery is a better term." In our early conversations this past fall and winter, based on a series of releases from Vault by Vans, Los Angeles-based aritst Geoff McFetridge articulated a major over-arching theme: discovery. In a collection of documentaries and podcasts, Juxtapoz sat down with Geoff McFetirdge, Ray Barbee and the Vault by Vans team, respectively, about how brands and artists collaborate, about how innovations are born through iconic silhouettes and how discovery leads to lasting designs. 

Vault by Vans Design Team: 
"It allows us to bring a point of view outside of the brand for people who understand us. To infuse their DNA and make it something special and different."


Ray Barbee x Leica Camera x Vault by Vans:
"I have to be excited before I can imagine somebody else being excited about it. I just want to do something that I can be excited about and if others are excited, awesome. But if not, then... you know what I mean? The last thing I want to do is not be excited and then others not be excited. Then what are we doing?" 

Geoff McFetridge x Vault by Vans:
"The reality is, when I'm talking about invention, I think discovery is a better term. I'm always questioning it. I say invention, but the reality is I'm working in a world that revolves around literacy and we've all seen things our whole life. We all understand things. Most of us share a language. It's like playing with blocks, it's playing with what I have and finding new ways to use what I have as a human within the culture I've been given. There's a therapy aspect to creating. It's about self-discovery. To some degree, when I say invention, it's because it's an inward process."


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