HAROSHI is about the details. Nothing if forgotten, everything is considered, and chance is at the heart of his practice. For years he has created art by recycling the materials from skateboard decks into sculptures, figures and now grand collaged paintings. Now, he's back working with Modernica to  create a one-of-a-kind Case Study® Furniture Side Shell HAROSHI Spyder Chair. For five years, Modernica has worked with Haroshi to perfect this custom design, featuring a gradient color palette made of maple skateboarding veneers.

From the factory: 

The unique chair features a wood base with a gradient color palette made of Maple Skateboarding veneers. In 2018 Modernica designed the Spyder Base and created the technology for production, for Haroshi Spyder base Modernica engineered a new manufacturing process for the wood bending of the Spyder base and created a custom-sized mold tailored to accommodate the unique plys. Modernica utilized wood materials similar to what Haroshi uses daily for sculpting, ensuring that the best Maple Skateboard Veneers were sourced. Each veneer was custom-dyed to match Haroshi's color palette to maintain the vibrancy of their high-pressure and high-heat wood- bending machine.

Additionally, Modernica’s Wood Shop made a wood branding stamp featuring Haroshi Guzo character, placed at the chair's base. Each chair has a dark-to-light gradient feature from the inner to outer plys while featuring colors that taper away towards the bottom of each chair.

The shell is enhanced by a custom fiberglass color that complements the outside layer of Natural Maple plys. To create the fiberglass shell, Modernica's Fiberglass department worked with Haroshi to hand mix resin and pigments to create an all-new fiberglass color that has never been used before.

The chair is finished with a plaque, hand-engraved by Haroshi's himself, featuring his signature and individually numbered. This chair is limited to an edition of only 100.

This chair is limited to an edition of only 100 and will retail for $1,400 releasing 9am PST May 27th 2023