As part of Canada Goose's special partnership with Inuk artist, Saimaiyu Akesuk and the West Baffin Cooperative to bring it's longstanding Art Collection to life, Juxtapoz is excited to showcase to you today the release that will happen during the Radio Juxtapoz panel with Saimaiyu on December 7th at 4PM at the Canada Goose Miami pop-up. As an evolution of its longstanding program, Canada Goose has commissioned Saimaiyu to create three new works that will be sold exclusively at the Canada Goose Miami pop-up store in December. Proceeds from the sale of these works will benefit Inuit artists and communities across Canada. You can preview the prints in the gallery above. 

Come join Radio Juxtapoz and Saimaiyu Akesuk for a special conversation at the Canada Goose pop-up in the Miami Design District on December 7th, 2023. Click here to RSVP for the taping of Radio Juxtapoz or click here to attend our reception after the panel. 

Canada Goose was born in the North and for generations, has been inspired by its people, communities and landscapes. Its Art Collection is featured in each of its international retail locations and includes paintings, illustrations, sculptures and more that reflect its deep relationship with the Canadian North. The program underscores Canada Goose’s HUMANATURE purpose platform, reinforcing its purpose to keep the planet cold and the people on it warm. Through a continually evolving collection showcased in a museum-like way, each store tells an important story while elevating the craftmanship of Indigenous, Canadian and International artists. With over 500 works on display in over 60 stores, the Canada Goose Art Collection is the largest retail collection of Inuit art in the world. It builds community, elevates Canadian and Arctic narratives and prioritizes Inuit art that expresses the kinship between person and land. 

"As an experience-driven brand, our stores are a meaningful touchpoint for people to discover our heritage and immerse themselves in what makes our brand so special. Our art collection is one of the ways we bring this to life and we’re honoured to share our walls in Miami with Saimaiyu,” said Carrie Baker, President of Canada Goose.

It is paramount to Canada Goose that artists’ work be held, shared, and handled with care and esteem. At its Miami pop-up store and worldwide, product and art are showcased in a complementary way – on the walls, tables, in dressing rooms, alongside accessories. Featured in Miami are the works of emerging Inuk artist, Saimaiyu Akesuk. Saimaiyu is an Iqaluit born, Kinngait based artist, with a specialty of drawing birds and bears and characterized for her distinctive use of shapes. Her art career began only a few years ago when she was encouraged by artist and friend and fellow Canada Goose collaborator, Ningiukulu Teevee, to experiment with making art.

To celebrate Miami’s passion for art, the prints will be available starting December. Consumers will have the opportunity to purchase one the limited edition works at the Canada Goose store while supplies last. The three artworks draw inspiration from Saimaiyu's home and surroundings in the Canadian Arctic. The pieces are titled: Ijirait, is Inuktitut for beings capable of transforming between human and animal forms. Saimaiyu’s drawing depicts a bird-bear figure in mid-transformation with her signature patterning. Nanuk, Inuktitut for Polar bear, which are often common subjects for carvings made in the North as Inuit communities have lived with the bears for years. Nirliit, Inuktitut for Canada Goose, are among many bird varieties found in Nunavut during the summer months.

Click here to RSVP for our events on December 7 at 4PM, including the taping of Radio Juxtapoz or click here to attend our reception after the panel. 

Canada Goose in Miami Design District
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