You may know him by his moniker, LSD Worldpeace, but the man also known as Joe Roberts is one of our all-time favorites in Juxtapoz land. The San Francisco artist has seen his work in places like Marlborough Gallery to Supreme to the pages of our magazine... and of course, books and printed objects. For his third book with Unpiano, Roberts has released Clowns of Hyperspace, his homage to the great Choose Your Own Adventure books of the 1980s. Those were probably made on LSD, too, come to think of it. 

As the publisher notes, "Your choice may lead to enlightenment or disaster." The collection has also been expanded from a previous edition, with a new cover design and new paperstock. Go choose the right hyperspace for yourself. 

136 pages, Softcover
B&W Offset Printed
6.9 inches x 4.2 inches