Two of our favorite arts organizations, Nuart and Peacock Visual Arts in Aberdeen, are teaming up for a special exhibition leading up to the 2018 Nuart Aberdeen festival, entitled "Inky Protest." Last year, we visited Peacock Visual Arts during Nuart, to see some of their classic print works they had done with the likes of Ralph Steadman and Mike Giant. Now teaming up with Nuart, "Inky Protest" surveys over 20 years of countercultural creativity.

 From the Nuart organizers:

All of us at Nuart believe in helping foster a global creative community. We host exhibitions, collabora- tive online and o ine projects, art events, festivals and workshops of all types. We are always looking to collaborate with other elds. Though we are primarily a Street and Urban Contemporary focused gallery, we support a strong interdisciplinary approach to ‘making’ and frequently look for alterna- tive and interesting ways to engage the creative community. Whether it’s through a printed project, an interactive element, or an online project, we promote the theory that all artists are multi-faceted, idea-centric individuals whose creativity goes well beyond the technical aspects of the work into the experiential and experimental side of art making and appreciation.

Peacock Visual Arts has over 40 years’ experience of collaborating with artists. From nation- al treasures, Turner Prize nominees, Becks Futures winners and legendary tattooists to local schoolchildren our mission has embraced the importance of making as a key component of per- sonal and cultural growth. Recent projects have included working with Tom Hammick on a suite of prints now in the permanent collection of the Library of Congress - New York. Frances Walk- er - a founding member - now in her 88th year and in many ways the bedrock that our workshop is built upon. Frances will exhibit work in The W OR M later in the year presenting recent large- scale etchings. Donald Urquhart’s A-Z of Michael Jackson - a large-scale commission - printed on canvas - will be a key artwork in the National Portrait Galleries - ‘On the Wall’ Exhibition in June.

All featured in Inky Protest alongside local and national artists. All artworks are made in Ab- erdeen. Peacock are very proud of their roots and the continued support they are given that has established their continued growth within the sector. “We are delighted to welcome Nu- art into our home. Making art takes courage and we applaud a city that embraces risk. Aber- deen has been richly rewarded with a variety of brilliant artworks that have been debated and viewed by many new audiences. A city talking about art is a welcome change to weather!”

The show line-up: Adam Bridgland (UK), Add Fuel (PT), Axel Void (ES), Bortusk Leer (UK), Clare Barclay (UK), Claire Roberts (UK), Conrad Aitkinson (UK), David Noonan (AU), Ella&Pitr (FR), Eron (IT), Evol (DE), Fintan Magee (AU), Frances Walker (UK), Futura (US), Henrik Uldalen (NO), Hyuro (ES), Ian Stevenson (UK), ICY&SOT (IR), Isaac Cordal (ES), Jamie Reid (UK), Janice Kerbel (CA), Jaune (BE), John McLean (UK), Kennardphillipps (UK), Martha Cooper (US), Martin Whatson (NO), M-City (PL), Mike Giant (US), Mob- str (UK), Nipper (NO), Pat Douthwaite (UK), Ralph Steadman (UK), Robert Montgomery (UK), Rosa- lind Nashashibi (IL/UK), Sadie Main (UK), Scott Myles (UK), Seripop (CA), Tom Hammick (UK), Willie Moulding (UK) & more

Opening night: Thu 12th April, 19:00–21:00 The WORM
Exhibition: Thu 12th April–Sat 5th May, Opening times: Tue–Sat; 10:00–17:00
11 Castle Street, Aberdeen AB11 5BQ