Cho Gi-Seok’s photographs are characterized by deliberately worked-out compositions, where each choice – everything from light to colors, props and clothes – have been carefully thought through. He tries to capture the beauty inside his imagination. Gi-Seok aims to portray human existence in relation to his own generation, and whether it is a portrait of a person or a flower, his work reflects the complexity of the Korean culture, and the ambiguity of beauty that comes from the harmony between opposites. In his pictures, he conjures up a refined atmosphere focused on harmony, purity, and symbolism, where the beauty of the lines and the balance between human and nature are essential. One word he often comes back to in his work is Coexistence. From his perspective, everything around us – every flower, living being, place, and digital thing – is affected by everything else, and that is what constitutes our lives: humanity, nature, and even machines are all meant to live together, side by side.

Coexistence at Fotografiska New York is Cho Gi-Seok’s first major exhibition and seeks to show a range of his work taken between 2018-2020.