In an alternate universe where legends collide, icons of film and music converge on the dusty plains of the Old West. Picture Billie Holiday strumming guitars alongside Amy Winehouse, Audrey Hepburn as the fearless outlaw, Clint Eastwood as the enigmatic gunslinger, and Johnny Cash as the wandering troubadour.

As the sun sets on the frontier, these icons find themselves thrust into a tale of lust, vengeance and redemption. The scenery ignites with a fusion of grit and glamor, where the lines between hero and outlaw blur in a symphony of cinematic mastery. Against the backdrop of the sweeping countryside and haunting melodies, they must confront their demons and forge unlikely alliances to survive these ruthless landscapes, leaving audiences spellbound by the timeless allure of fame and fortune in the Old West.

Bello Rodeo by Stikki Peaches is presented at Gallery 818 and the Artemizia Foundation on May 25th, 2024.