There isn't an era of Todd James' career that I don't like, and he has had so many iterations that have been exciting and evolving. The idea of the interior, though, has seemed to stick with the famed graffiti artist turned cartoonist turned fine artist. He created bold works of Somali pirates and a few series of MASH like war crimes gone amok, returned to his graff roots, too, but has found himself looking at the world of still-life interiors with new vantage points and his own aesthetic and eye. This beautiful series, Near and Dear, on view at Ross + Kramer, features large-scale oil stick works, captures what almost seems like a nostalgia for the Manhattan apartment interior, with a Matisse and Diebenkorn command of color. They also have abstracted elements, almost blurring the lines of familiar and other-worldy, which keeps in the James way of changing your perception of a known object. —Evan Pricco