Joan Cornellà is laughing. At the darkness, the lightness, the world, himself. He takes our inner cynicism and makes it into art. And if you can't laugh a little, what's the point? On the heels of his shows in China, the Spanish artist has teamed with AllRightsReserved again on a special show in Tokyo at Standby entitled, SEND YOURSELF NOWHERE BUT TOKYO. The theme of the show focues on our collective post-pandemic life, which isn't so much post-anything at this point and heightens the details of the work. 

From ARR: “SEND YOURSELF NOWHERE BUT TOKYO” will debut Cornellà’s first-ever interactive installation artwork “vletesivions” —coming in at 2.5 meters in height, the sculpture is built with 15 televisions with each display featuring individual animation videos by Cornellà, which transforms into different perspectives as the angle shifts. Pandemic forced people around the world to stay home and various living habits in the post-epidemic era have been derived, including the accelerated growth of relying on online streaming platforms & electronic communication devices, which bring creative inspirations to Cornellà.

Each animated video on “vletesivions” captures a satirical scene of lives under pandemic restrictions and travel bans in different areas. Through the kaleidoscopic display, each character seems like they are connected, in fact living separate lives within the “TV screen”, which gears the audiences into a strong resemblance and frustration with the limitations of human contact, being apart from their family and friends."