Steve Turner is pleased to present Seale(d), a two-person online exhibition featuring new works by Providence-based Jarrett Key and Brooklyn-based Jon Key, twin brothers who grew up in the small town of Seale, Alabama.

Jarrett is presenting three new oversized hot combs that they forged in steel alongside four oil-on-cement fresco paintings that depict figures within a pastoral landscape. In both bodies of work, Jarrett has drawn upon family lore and biography to construct works using material, labor, craft and skill that are significant to their family history.

Jon is presenting five new paintings in his signature graphic style, one which relies primarily on the use of red, green, violet and black to represent his family, his Southern-ness, Queerness and Blackness.

While both artists use symbolism to convey content and both are inspired by their origin in Seale, they very clearly have different voices and stories. Yet, as Jarrett noted: “Jon and I do a lot of harmonizing when we sing together. I feel like this show offers a taste of our harmony in a visual way.”