You've been outside recently. You know how damn hot it is basically everywhere. Just take a guess and its hot as hell wherever you are. Our friends at Gr gallery in NYC are taking the literally and figurative temperature to produce a new group show, A Sizzlin' Summer, with 19 emerging talented artists addressing a bit of the heat. 

About the Exhibition: A Sizzlin’ Summer aims to divert people’s attention from the current sizzling heat and have them focus on a feeling of euphoria with each exhibiting artwork. The mission is highlight each artists unique presence to the art world by funneling through a variety of genres; the exhibition will gather inspiration from around the world into one space to showcase a vast majority of experience and visuality that will sure have the viewers looking for refreshments to replenish their feelings of sensationalism. From American Pop, Surrealism, Contemporary, and Abstraction, the different form of displays will also post different visual appeals to create an outline of unique story-telling.

Artists include:  Matt Belk | Daniel Byrd | Brian Cirmo | Emki | Dustin Emory | Alexander Hawkins | Nobody Here | David Kaye | Kwang Hyun Kim | Noemi Manser | Adrian Marcais | Sebastian Riffo Montenegro | Dan Oliver | Pedro Troncoso | Ruo Hsin Wu | Yang Xishenger | Zac Yeates | Bai Yiyi