Our friends at Ever Gold Projects are 10 years old, which blows our mind! A decade has just zoomed by! Now at Minnesota Street Project in San Francisco's Dogpatch neighborhood, down the street from Jux headquarters, Ever Gold and its owner/foudner, Andrew McClintock, is set to open Gold Standard, an overview of the gallery's 10 years in SF, from January 12 to February 23, 2019. 

 The artists in Gold Standard can be divided roughly between three categories, though there is some overlap. The first group is comprised of artists who began exhibiting with the gallery at the original location: Tom Sachs, Paul Kos, Guy Overfelt, Sadie Barnette, Mario Ayala, Korakrit Arunanondchai, and the Museum of Conceptual Art (curator/director Tom Marioni). The second is made up of artists who became involved with the gallery through SFAQ: Petra Cortright, Chris Burden, Takis, Barry McGee, Mark Flood, Kour Pour, Cameron Platter, and Serge Attukwei Clottey. The third includes artists who began exhibiting with Ever Gold at the new Minnesota Street Project location: Christine Wang, Marc Horowitz, Shaina McCoy, Mieke Marple, Sterling Ruby, Zachary Armstrong, Oscar Murillo, Jasmine Little, and Brian Harte.

This selection of artists also represents the directions that our programming has developed over time: a general focus on emerging and mid-career American artists, an international focus on emerging art, and an interest in the history of the avant-garde. A number of the artists included in Gold Standard will have solo exhibitions at Ever Gold in the coming year, beginning with Kour Pour (March 2 – May 4), and continuing with Christine Wang (May 11 – June 22), Mario Ayala (May 11 – June 22), Shaina McCoy (September/October), Marc Horowitz (November/December), and Mieke Marple (November/December).