The legendary graffiti film, INFAMY, will be screened in a special 20th anniversary presentation in Los Angeles on June 5th at VIDIOTS. Directed by Doug Pray, supervised by Roger Gastman, it was a pioneering film at its release and a fantastic watch considering the graffiti scene today. 

From the streets of the South Bronx to the solitude of a San Francisco tunnel, from high atop a Hollywood billboard to North Philadelphia for a lesson in "Philly handstyles," from Mexico to a Cleveland freight train yard, INFAMY doesn't analyze or glorify graffiti... it takes you there and brings it to life.

INFAMY offers a voyeuristic look into the lives of these graffiti artists, allowing you to peer into their world and learn more than just their street life.  In addition to the artists, you'll also meet Joe "The Graffiti Guerrilla" Connolly, a notorious “buffer” who paints out graffiti on his neighborhood’s walls with a vengeance matched only by those who vandalized them. 

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INFAMY 20th Anniversary Event Screening
June 5th, 2024 at VIDIOTS in Los Angeles
Doors open at 6:00PM
Showtime at 7:30PM
4884 Eagle Rock Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90041