From October 15—17th, Superfest Disability Film Festival, celebrating their 35th anniversary year, will be presenting cutting-edge cinema that portrays disability through a diverse, complex, unabashed and engaging lens.

This year, the Longmore Institute on Disability is excited to be bringing it to more people than ever before without the limits of geography, through an online film platform. A pass to the festival unlocks 21 short and feature films, which you can watch at your leisure throughout the festival October 15-17 (or 72 hours longer if you login to begin your screening by Sunday). In addition, check out our pre-recorded videos with some of the filmmakers and our live synchronous programs on Friday evening with Sins Invalid and our Sunday Cinema Chat for a chance to react to the films and chat with other Superfest attendees.

This year’s festival is bound to have something for everyone, from one film that explores disability radicalism with such an edge that it was banned from Facebook to another that provides a rare look into disability in an Aboriginal family. We’ve never before featured such a diversity of genres, with not only from documentaries, comedies, and dramas, but also sci-fi, horror, and musical theater. We simply can’t wait for you to dive in and find your favorite Superfest film!

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