Todd Schorr is in a league of his own. Rather than follow a particular trend, Schorr has remained within the Pop-Surrealist realm, and yet perfected it in a way that puts him in the rare air of being an expert craftsman. In a recent exhibition at KP Projects in Los Angeles, Schorr re-established himself in the public conscious, and re-emerged from the pandemic with a mix of classic works and brand new universes to explore. As Schorr said recently, "For myself, being a student of history, science, and social behaviors, the past few years since my last exhibit of new works has provided me with an abundance of inspiration. The over riding theme of which appears to be the absence of good old common sense being replaced with the preference for moronic backward thinking." And hence, Rattlebrain Melodrama was born. 

On the occasion of the works being shown, filmmaker Steve "Sketch" Vallino created a short inspired by the show and the works of Todd Schorr.