Eric Haze and Mister Cartoon, legendary artists, designers and illustrators of some of hip hop’s most iconic logos, both born of the graffiti world, have teamed up to raise money for animal rescues on their respective coasts, as part of BEYOND THE STREETS Virtual Art Fair on NTWRK happening from December 1—2, 2021. 

New York graffiti pioneer and designer Eric HAZE has pushed boundaries in the streets and galleries for over four decades, while MISTER CARTOON is an LA-grown cultural icon and multidisciplinary artist. Each with deep roots in graffiti and iconography, the artists hope to enlist their worldwide followings to enrich causes close to their hearts. 

In an unprecedented east coast/west coast combined effort, HAZE and CARTOON together designed a t-shirt featuring their respective iconic touches—HAZE’s signature hand-style and CARTOON’s fine-lined script perfectly rep their home cities: New York and Los Angeles. 

HAZE, cat-daddy to two street cat rescues, a scrappy one-eyed guy named Jack and his ever-high PTSD sister Rocky, is sending proceeds to Flatbush Cats, a nonprofit working to end the cat overpopulation crisis in Brooklyn. “Our cat rescues are the centers of our home life and I know that programs like this one help cats like him find good homes and also help reduce the population of strays in the world,” says Haze.

In honor of his longtime companion, a German Shepard named Duke, CARTOON has designated Downtown Dog Rescue, a nonprofit providing services for low income pet companions through Los Angeles County, as his charity of choice. “Downtown Dog Rescue helps the unhoused and people living close to the edge hang on to their dogs—whether they need dog food, fences built, or medical attention. I respect what they do and since I can’t imagine my life without Duke, I’m down to help.”

The ERIC HAZE x MISTER CARTOON benefit t-shirt is only available at the upcoming BEYOND THE STREETS Virtual Art Fair on NTWRK, Dec. 1st and 2nd,.