A couple weeks back we did a call for entries for the new 2024 A' Design Awards. AKA, the worlds' largest design competition awarding best designs over a given year based on entries. How did you do? Did you come up with something good? Did you? We think you might of. Because its a last call for entries for this year's competition! You can register to submit hereDeadline for submission is February 28th, with results announced to the public on April 15, 2024!

The big deal here is getting noticed. Sometimes you don't want to be judged and sometimes you do. Here, being judged is a good thing. Each judge for the A Desgin Award is a top professional in their field, with knowledge of successful design projects that will both help enhance and properly overview your entry. They know because they have been there, done it, designed it. As we say each year, "The jury includes design professionals, press members and academics, and if you are a winner, you may be included in international exhibitions, yearbook, pr and publicity, world design rankings inclusion and the gala-night for networking."

If after almost 10 years of promoting A Design to our readers, you might be still asking yourself, "what is the A' Design Award?" If you need to spur some thoughts, we curated a few past examples in the gallery above from the over 100 categories for which this competition is broken down. You can see what we have featured over the years, but you can tell its a wide selection of categories. We picked a lot of Architecture in the gallery above as it was looking great over the last few years. 

The registration is available here, and if you need more information about the prize, read more here. Deadline for submission is February 28, 2024. Results will be announced to public on April 15, 2024!