One of the cool things about covering the annual A Design Awards is we get to see how wide-ranging the contributions are to the competition. It's like the Design Olympics in a way: what countries are excelling in creative ideas. The A' Design Awards always comes out with the World Design Rankings to break down and rank all the countries based on the number of designers who contributed to the year's competition. 

As with previous years, China and the USA are leading the way, with China once again at the top of the list. Japan, Italy and Hong Kong are not far behind. We remember last year, and we noted it here, too, the dream house for the coast of Norway, is one of our favorite submissions ever to the A Design Award. See it above, along with some of the other incredible designs from around the globe. 

If you want to learn how to register your own designs for a competition, click here. There are so many ideas that can be shared, from architecture and packaging design, luggage to watch design! Take a look at the gallery above, and congrats to China on another stellar year of entries.