We made it to 2024 and normally you end a year with a list, but let's start the year with a list. A design list.The annual A'Design Awards, and what countries are excelling in creative ideas, also compiles a World Design Rankings to give an overview of just what country and where some of the best design ideas are coming from around the globe. It seems like every year, China finds its way on top, with the USA, Japan and Italy always near the top. This year's list is consistent as it was last year!

As we saw in 2022 and 2023, China and the USA are leading the way, with the mainstays of Japan, Italy,  and Hong Kong has moved ahead of Great Britain, all rounding out the top of the list. It's really cool to see Turkey, Germany, and Portugal near the top!

It's getting close to a new year of the A Design, so register your own designs for a competition here. We always tend to lean on architecture as our favorite category to look into, but with travel coming back, it's even fun to see how luggage and more industrial designs are taking shape! Take a look at the gallery above for some of the best of the best.