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Having a Conversation With the Police

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 13 Jan 2011

If you are a graffiti artist, you are used to being buffed by the "authorities," or "the man," or in the case of San Francisco, those crazy neighbohood watch and real estate agent folks who are trying to keep their $1.5m condos at their highest re-sale value. So you have to be clever to while in combat mode.

Have a conversation with the police and graffiti clean-up crews. Ask them questions about what they would like. Chances are, they are going to like a corporate ad or something promoting an event that is happening at the Cow Palace, but you have to stay vigilant.

This gentleman here, Mobstr, did just that. He held his own public forum about which shade of grey would be most appropriate for his artwork to stay on said wall. Converse with the public and the police, get to know them, their attitudes, feelings, dreams, and learn a bit.

See how it played out . . .







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